If you began COBRA in July but your employer contribution went away in August and you can no longer afford the coverage you are eligible to enroll in the Health Plans on the Marketplace through September 29, 2023. Call Mountain Projects to see your options.

The last day to elect COBRA is August 29, 2023 with a little window to make an election by September 8, 2023. There are allowances for mail-ins under exceptional circumstances.

With proof of payment and an application United Way will reimburse back payments for COBRA, or premiums to the MP, or the costs of being added to your spouse’s employer-based coverage from July to December. UW reimburses up to 500 per person(s) who were on the Pactiv Evergreen health insurance when the mill closed.

Mountain Projects determines eligibility for the reimbursements so all paperwork comes to milltown@mountainprojects.org. The application is available on the Mountain Projects website.

Questions? Call Mountain Projects for Assistance at 828-452-1447, ext.115.

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