Help is available NOW to plan for the loss of health insurance coverage on August 1. We want you to know that plans are available for less than what full COBRA costs! To find out what is the best option for you, we have Health Insurance Enrollment/Screening Appointments available to walk through plan options with someone from Blue Cross Blue Shield NC.

Monday, July 10 through Friday, July 14, 2023
By Appointment and drop-in available (more spaces have been added)

Smokey Mountain Local 507 Union Hall
35 Park St, Canton, NC 28716

* If you are working and can’t make it yourself, please send another member of the family (spouse) to the appointment.

* Gas cards are available to help get you to your appointment.

Things to Keep in Mind
  • Loss of employer-sponsored coverage is considered a qualifying life event that opens a 60-day window for enrollment. You may apply 60 days in advance (beginning June 2) or 60 days after loss of coverage.
  • If you have already left Evergreen and need coverage, you can still enroll 60 days after loss of coverage.
  • Waiting until August to enroll will result in a gap in your insurance coverage to September 1.
  • It is important to make sure you choose a plan that makes sense financially and that has your doctors in network.
  • Plans are available for less than what full COBRA costs, but you need to consider the amount of your deductible and out-of-pocket have been met.
  • Does your spouse’s employer offer coverage? Check to see how much it would cost to add yourself to that plan. 
  •  You need to know what your 2023 household income will be after severance, vacation, and unemployment
  • Advanced premium tax credits are based on household size and income. They are paid to the insurance company of your choice so, plans may look more expensive in 2023 vs. 2024.
  • Consumers with incomes up to 600% of the federal poverty level can usually qualify for subsidies because of a new law (Inflation Reduction Act) through 2025. Plans are more affordable now.
  • These plans cover behavioral health, addiction treatment, and depression screening.

Unpaid medical collection accounts over $500 can appear on your credit reports and affect your credit scores for up to seven years. STAY INSURED – find out the plan option that is best for you!


What to Bring to Your Health Insurance Enrollment Appointment/Screening:


  • 2023 Household income, including job-based or self-employment income, severance, income raises that go retroactive, vacation pay
  • Social Security numbers (just the numbers, not the cards)
  • Copies of Legal Resident documents
  • W-2 forms, work pay stubs (the two most recent, from all jobs, and/or a tax return from the previous year
  • COBRA rates
Bring any of these if they apply to you or any member of your household:
  • A Social Security income statement
  • An unemployment letter
  • The amount of interest being paid on student loans
  • Profits from stocks or real estate sales
  • Early withdrawals from retirement or 401K funds
  • Winnings from the lottery, and/or from any casino, either domestic of abroad
  • Net Rental Income
  • During your appointment, an online Health Insurance Marketplace account may be created for you. As part of that process, you’ll be asked to login to your email account, so you will need to know both your username and password. If you don’t have an email account, one can be created for you.

Contact Jan Plummer of Mountain Projects at 828-492-4111.

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